FileMaker Pro 12 - date format  - value list bug?

Discussion created by jturley on Apr 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2012 by crusecontrol

Hi All,


I'm pretty sure this is a bug in FileMaker Pro/Advanced 12 and have submitted a support ticket, but wanted to see if others are seeing this.


Create a new database with one table and one date field.

Create a new list with the date field on it.

Format the date field to use a value list using values from itself.

Create some records and insert some randoms dates.

The dates in the date field are formatted as dd/mm/yyyy (UK system) but the value list shows them formatted as mm/dd/yyyy.




I have changed system formats, played with other things but nothing I do has any affect or resolves this.


I have verified it on other computers I have here and am seeing the same thing.


Hoping others are seeing it too?!


Many thanks