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    Web Browser Compatibility


      Hi all,


      I am planning for to do the instant web publishing option.


      Does the filemaker website works in Chrome or opera otherthan firefox, safari and internet explorer?


      Is ther any option i can create like pre-login for the filemaker website?


      Can anyone please guide me with this?


      Thanks in advance.




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          IE seems to be the tricky one in my experience. It depends on what version, what patch, etc.. I've not had reported issues with the other browsers you mentioned. I'm hosting an IWP for about 3000 members who can log in and modify certain areas of their membership. I've also hosted a score portal for students to review their tests and the only problem we ran into was hitting the 100 concurrent connection limit the day the scores were posted.


          As to a pre-login, I'm not sure of your meaning. If you're hosting multiple IWP databases, then you can code the database selection and take the user right to the login screen with




          and you'll need to add your own IP and database name.


          Alternatively, you could pass the login parameters as well, but that gets a little tricker because you end up giving anyone with that link access, and that may not be good.




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            I run iwp.  I think the documentation of FM states that it work with IE, firefox and safari.  I tested it on chrome and it seems to work fine.  IWP is quite an experience. You have try it and see if the functionality renders on the web-browser.   As to the login, why not use the login that iwp provides once your configuration is done.  You can have fm authenticate users or you may have the authentication done externally.  Are you planning to run this off a workstation or you are you using fm server?

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              Hi Uma,


              You can always find the supported web browsers for IWP in the Tech Specs section of the FileMaker Inc website. For FileMaker Pro v12 they are:


              "To use a database shared with Instant Web Publishing, Windows web users need Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9.0 or 8.0, Firefox 9.0 or Safari 5.1. On the Mac, web users need Safari 5.1 or Firefox 9.0. These versions are the minimum requirement. This software may also work with later versions certified by FileMaker, Inc"





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                Thanks to everyone who made me somewhat clear. I am new to filemaker so getting so many questions in my mind.


                I am in the education field and we got so many courses and documents with us.


                We are thinking to use Filemaker and add all the documents and do the instant web publishing and so all the staff can download the documents. Is this possible?


                Thank you,




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                  Stephen Huston

                  Hi Uma,


                  I'm doubtful that you'll get that functionality with IWP. FileMaker's script steps to export a field's contents is not supported in IWP.


                  And, while drag and drop INTO container fields is now supported, from the desktop or local disk, drag and drop FROM containers does not appear to be supported.


                  Maybe someone has an idea for geting a container's file back out of the system, but I can't see how using IWP.


                  Good luck,

                  Stephen Huston