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    Battling with web publishing.


      I am new to server - loaded Server 12 and FMP 12. All working fine.


      I can access database files while within the local network, but cant access them from remote web access (testing using Filemaker go12 on 3G not wireless).


      Under "Deployments Assistant" I have Enabled web publishing, then selected XML and PHP. "Instant web publishing" on the same screes is greyed out - is that a problem ?


      The summary shows all enabled, but Instant web publishing disabled.


      Under System Preferences, I have selected "Web sharing"


      I have set up a Dynamic DNS - hopefully correctly.


      When I acces the site through the dyn dns address, it seems to get to the point of asking for the filename, shows the network path, I enter the filename, and the error comes up as " the file .....could not be opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not availableon that host"


      Does anybody know what I have done wrong ?




      Kim Wood