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Shell scripting on a Mac to get data into FM container from Apple Mail

Question asked by StanMillar on Apr 23, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2012 by StanMillar

Hi all


I have been told by the local Apple reseller that AppleScript is to be deprecated in upcoming versions of Mac OSX in favour of ObjectiveC.


This being the case, the AppleScripts that I have laboriously sweated through (learning as I go and shamelessly plagiarising scripts found on the web) will no longer work.


One of these I use with my scanner to run a shell script and I can probably modify the code to bypass AppleScript. However...


I was in the process of (partially successfully) defining an AppleScript to extract a PDF attachment from a Mail message, move it to an external location over a network, rename it and insert as a reference into an FM container field. This location is variable and is defined by data extracted from FileMaker.


It now seems that I have to try to learn ObjectiveC, about which I know less than nothing, or throw myself on the mercy of those many, who are much more learned than myself, to define the required shell script.


This latter greatly appeals to me because I am basically lazy and therefore would be willing to pay someone to do all the hard work for me!! (Actually, it's because I cannot get my head around any of the shell scripts that I have looked at.)


There are complexities to this that I can explain in more detail if I have any takers, not because they are difficult, but because they are convoluted.


Any suggestions?


Thanks all.