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How to make an automatic relookup in IWP without pressing a button?

Question asked by nicola on Apr 24, 2012
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I have the following aim: In a database for Orders that a related to a special department I would like to update the Department name automatically when the department number is changed. This is easy in Filemaker Pro, the department name is a LOOKUP that updates whenever the department-ID is changed (its to choose from a dropdownlist.


Now I want to do this in IWP, but I do not like to have a save-button next to every department-ID.


What I did is this:

I defined a scripttrigger to the field department ID, saying "save record" when changing this field.

I defined a script which was set on the field itself saying nothing but: Go field department-ID, because the scripttrigger does not work if you do not enter the field with a script.


I was absolutley happy with it (working mainly on WINDOWS using Mozilla Firefox as a browser) but it all doesn´t work with Internet Explorer which is unfortunately highly used with my clients.


As soon as you put the script to enter the field you cannot even change the dropdownvalue anymore.


Quite a while ago FileMaker said to me, this was a known issue with the dropdowns and the InternetExplorer , even more diappointing that it has not been solved in FileMaker 12.


BUT MAYBE and this is the MAIN QUESTION: is there another way to get the same result: somehow submitting the change without a pressing a button?

A way that is working in Internet Explorer?


Pleeeaase someone say YES!