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    BLOG: Conditional Love - By: Michael Rocharde/Excelisys


      One of the coolest features in FileMaker™ is conditional formatting. With it you can draw attention to fields that need entry, add color coding to areas of your screen that will change according to what type of record you have and much, much more.



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          In the PDF you had example of displaying text in a field with a set of instructions displayed until actual data was entered. Liked the idea and tried with conditional formatting but was not able to get the result you suggested using Case as a formula i.e. Case(is empty (numeric field); "Text"; ""). That seemed counter-intuitive as once text is put into an empty field it's no loner empty causing the second result to take affect, ergo field always remains empty, which probably means I'm not using the right formula. Could use an example that shows your formatting technique or more details. Also will your solution work when you conditionally format a numeric field with text.



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            The conditionally formatted text is not in a field; it's just a block of text that sits behind the field itself which is set to be transparent.  The conditional format on that block of text, which I have normally formatted in red, is simply not IsEmpty ( MasterQuote::Filter ) where the field that I am referring to is in the parentheses and, if the conditional is met, i.e., something is typed into that field, the text block then becomes the same color as the background.  The reason that the text block sits behind the field itself is that when the field becomes active, you can't see anything behind it as it is no longer transparent; for that reason it is important that the field completely covers the text block.


            Hope this helps.


            Michael Rocharde