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    Solution for exporting from IWP


      Can't seem to understand why there are no solutions posted here yet. Can somebody please help me (us) who wants this to run in IWP. We already know the limitations what we want is how to implement the work-around / server-side scripting. Is there a generic script from which we can start? Are there any hosting service out there that supports server-side scripts/plug-ins? Anyone? Thanks so much in adavance

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          I run a few solutions using iwp and there is no functionality in FM 11 to exporting from FM 11.  I have read others using a 3rd party plug-in.  I have never had a need for it since I do not want users to export that data.

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            Stephen Huston

            Instant Web Publishing does not support any of the import or export processes, not FM-based Save As steps.


            Remember that the application you are running in IWP is a web browser, not FileMaker.


            Server-side scripting is another matter entirely. Server-based scripts can support exporting, but not the Save As commands.


            However, Server-side scripts are triggered client, neither from IWP or from FMPro; they are triggered by a schedule on the Server.


            What exactly is it you want to report or export, and does a client using IWP need to be involved at all in the process or is it predictable for a Server scheduled script?

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              Hi Stephen,


              Yes, I am aware that it is one of the limitations of the IWP / CWP is to be able to do export. I think the only work-around that I can see is really the server side scripting either it's export as .csv or .xls the important thing is to be able to get that data out. It's export functionality I need for my project. I'd appreciate on your thoughts on how to proceed with this. Thanks!

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                Just to clarify. IWP (Instant Web Publishing) has a limitation of exporting. CWP (Custom Web Publishing) does NOT have "export" limitations. You can use PHP (or whatever web app you use) to WRITE out the data in several formats. PHP, for example can create PDF, can create Excel, can create TEXT (in various formats, including XML), etc.


                That is one of the advantages of CWP over IWP. Yes, of course, you must create the HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP to make this happen, so it's not going to be "instant".



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                  There is a solution.


                  Install Filemaker Pro (client) on the server, or on a separate computer, that runs a script that looks for a status field.

                  e.g. field name: output_data.


                  This is a looping script that has a short pause in it so you can break out of it.


                  When the value in that field is set to 1, the script performs the export, resets the field to 0, then goes back to its loop.


                  The web user kicks this off by clicking an Output button on their screen, all that output button does is set the field to 1.


                  I hope that is enough detail to explain it.


                  I also use Troi File to delete old exports so they don't build up, but that is optional, of course.