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Printing Line Items from Four different Portals

Question asked by phanrahan on Apr 24, 2012
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I am looking for some advice on how I should go about printing an invoice when I am pulling the line items from four separate table occurences that show up on my invoice layout in separate portals. The line item table occurences are as follows; Products, Misc Products,Employees and Vehicles. I wanted these items on their own specific tables because the Products table will have thousands of records and each of the other table occurance have their own specific calculations that are applied to them based on the customers requirements. We also build a time sheet on the Employees line items so that is another reason why it is on its own line item table occurrance. Our customers require us to group the line item categories in their own group so that we can easily see the different products, labour, vehicles etc that were used on this specific job. We then provide a subtotal for each category and then a grand total. I have everything else working except listing the line items. I have read in the discussions that it is best to print from the line items table occurrences I can only find information on printing when one set of line items are used not 4 different line item categories.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.