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Fastest way to compare two text strings (case sensitive) ..

Question asked by datastride on Apr 23, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by datastride

OK, if I want to compare two text strings for equality in a situation where case matters (i.e. is "abc" equal to "ABC"), I can use the Exact() function.


But how do I check to see if the first string is less than or greater than the second where case matters?


This test returns FALSE: "abc" < "ABC"


This test returns FALSE: "abc" > "ABC"


Both of the above return FALSE, because "abc" = "ABC" returns TRUE in FileMaker land ...


And, of course, Exact( "abc" , "ABC" ) returns FALSE, as expected.


So what is the analog to the Exact() function for comparing for less than or greater than with case sensitivity?


Thanks for any guidance ...