FM12 click delay in list view

Discussion created by paulnevell on Apr 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2012 by paulnevell

FM12 show an unacceptable performance in the most simple task of moving the cursor from one record to another, or from one field to another via a mouse click. In FM11 the delay is almost imperceptible, I can move 20 times in around 18 seconds, most of that time taken in moving the mouse etc. In FM12, on the same screen with the same records showing takes 42 seconds. There is no scrolling involved, nothing has to move, no data needs to be fetched. I cannot use a system that performs so poorly on this simple task. There is no conditional formatting, nothing needs redrawing.


Total database is 4331 records; 11 fields on layout; Max OS 10.6.8 7GB memory


This is not a network problem, I get the same results if the database is served via FM server, or held locally.