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    FM12 click delay in list view


      FM12 show an unacceptable performance in the most simple task of moving the cursor from one record to another, or from one field to another via a mouse click. In FM11 the delay is almost imperceptible, I can move 20 times in around 18 seconds, most of that time taken in moving the mouse etc. In FM12, on the same screen with the same records showing takes 42 seconds. There is no scrolling involved, nothing has to move, no data needs to be fetched. I cannot use a system that performs so poorly on this simple task. There is no conditional formatting, nothing needs redrawing.


      Total database is 4331 records; 11 fields on layout; Max OS 10.6.8 7GB memory


      This is not a network problem, I get the same results if the database is served via FM server, or held locally.

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          Even worse:


          The more list view windows you have open, the worse performance becomes.  I find scripts run much slower when there are more windows.  They become even slower as the number of open windows increases.  It is as if all of the redrawing and calculations for each window needs to be done before the script can finish.


          Printing is also slowed and has become CPU intensive.  There is a delay between opening the print dialog box and being able to press return to activate the default button in the print dialog in FM12.  The CPU and Fans then go on - even on a fast Quad i7 MacBook Pro with 16 GIGS RAM and SSD drive during printing.


          I have never seen Filemaker Pro ever use so much CPU power as with FM12 - particularly for basic tasks such as printing, moving data from one field to another, etc.

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            Yep it's bad alright and there really is no work around at this point and it's unlikely to be fixed anytime soon. I wish the new "classic" theme meant NO CSS but even that theme is loaded down with CSS. The themes apply formatting that you have no idea what it's trying to do and if you don't like what it does you have to manually change everything yourself, gee that was a great idea, NOT!


            It is rather astonishing that the new UI tools overroad any real concern for performance or common sense in this release. It truly is the biggest mess I have ever seen in the 20 years I have been an FM developer.

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              I am feeling like the child at the side of the parade wondering if to call out "the king has no clothes". FM12 is simply diabolically slow. I have created a fresh database with some 350 records; 20 fields per record, none calculated, no conditional formatting but with one container field for a placed graphic. After populating only 15 records with a graphic (i.e. all fits on a screen, no scrolling or redraw required) and viewed as a table (i.e presumambly needing no CSS type styling) it takes around 4 or 5 seconds and a spinning beachball to click between fields within a record or between records. What is going on to delay response time when there is nothing to calculate and nothing to redraw. My computer is little old but OK for anything else .


              The database is local and is on my SSD boot drive. I cannot imagine hardware is the problem. I don't understand how anyone can regard this as acceptable.

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                It seems that some people report no speed issues at all while other like yourself run into problems in simple situations. The performance issues are hard to pin down as to their cause and when you might run afoul of them. I do know the FMI folks are working on things and I would expect something before Devcon or else things could get ugly there.


                In my case I don't really care one way or the other since except when forced into it by my customers (which most aren't doing even though they have 12 already) I plan to skip 12 and see if 13 adds anything actually worth upgrading for to ease the pain of using 12. I feel using layout mode is much more difficult than in 11 and earlier for a variety of reasons and frankly hate designing anything in 12, add to the fact that applying any theme (even the default one)  destroys my converted UI and it's hard for me to generate any enthusiasum for 12.


                I do expect some measure of the performance issues to be fixed fairly soon so hang in there if you can!

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                  I think this is excellent advice - I will wait for things to settle down before I make any change to FM12.



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                    Unless you really need some new feature in 12 (and other than remote containers it's hard to imagine what that would be) I do think it's best to wait to see how it all shakes out and what issues the first update addresses.

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                      I can confirm that Filemaker are definately working on a fix for this issue which we are all having trouble with... when it will be sorted I don't no know... hopefully something will turn up at devcon

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                        V2 has eliminated the problems I was having. I wonder what the cause was?


                        thanks for all the advice.