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    How do I install FileMaker 12 Advanced Developer?


      Hello, I'm attempting to install FileMaker 12 Advanced with the Software License Key from the My Profile area, but the software keeps telling me it's an invalid key, though I've copied it and manually entered it correctly both times.


      Also, if I leave User Name blank, it rejects it as needing a User Name. I've tried my full name, my account login name, my nickname, etc., all to no avail.

      Anyone know where there are instructions for installing this special developer key?

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          Disregard. This software is for Server and not for Advanced, so it's not applicable.

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            Is it the FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro Advanced you are installing, and are you using the correct licence number?


            The software you are getting in the My Profile Area is probably the FileMaker Server Advanced version allowing a limited number of users to log in at the same time.


            If it is FileMaker Pro Advanced you are trying to install, then this is the problem. The licence key you are trying is probably the one for the server.



            The FileMaker Development License is a special, test only license for FileMaker Server 12 Advanced available through the FileMaker Developer Subscription. This license allows you to build and test solutions for deployment with FileMaker Server 12 or FileMaker Server 12 Advanced without having to purchase a full version of the software.


            This special, test-only version includes all the features and functionality of FileMaker Server 12 and FileMaker Server 12 Advanced which include:

            • Faster WAN performance
            • 64-bit application
            • Progressive Backup
            • Progressive media download

            Please note that the Development License only allows up to three simultaneous FileMaker Pro 12 and three simultaneous web-based clients to access hosted FileMaker solutions.