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    This file is locked or in use !?


      Hi there,


      I'm getting this error message when I'm trying to insert a picture in a container with FileMaker Pro 10 unser Mac OS X. The file is located on a file server share and the user has read access to this file. The only thing special is that the share is an NFS volume and the user has posix priviliges read other.


      Once we give the user full (read & write) access then everything works as expected.


      Does anyone know how to solve this problem ? ... other than to give all the users full access ;-)


      Thanks in advance and best regards - Dick Honing / ecOrganizer

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          inserting a picture is a record edit and that requires write privileges, no way around that.


          Putting the file on a shared folder will very likely generate user conflicts (multiple users trying to open the file and write to it at the same time).  FileMaker Server is the only good way out of this.

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            Hi Wim,


            sorry, I should have written 'the picture is located on a file server'. The (FileMaker) file is located in a place that has write priviliges. So it's the fact that the picture has only read priviliges is giving FileMaker Pro to generate an error code is what is quite strange.


            best regards - Dick