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FMP12 Runtime Windows operation problems

Question asked by suesaunders on Apr 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2012 by Lasersol

The behaviour that I describe only occurs in Windows. My app has several associated files. All files are bound into runtime version (FMP12) with my own extension. One is the program file (FMP calls it the Primary file) that opens every time the application is double clicked. My program file asks the user to located the datafile and opens it. The datafile then closes the program file. This all works well and neatly.


The user generally locates the data files in places other than the Program Files folder on Windows - e.g. their documents folder. The user will create other data files and rename them at will. If the user double clicks on their data file with my runtime extension, FMP steps in and tries to open it in FM10.


Then it comes up and says that the datafile is an FM12 file. No it is not. It is my runtime file!! (Well originally it was an FM12 file, yes.)


I tried to set the default in Windows that files with my extension (.bic) are to be opened with my runtime app. (FM runtime with my extension - BIC Model.exe.) But it will not let me do that.


Question: Is this a FM problem or is it something that I need to do in Windows 7 to let it know that any file with my extension needs to be opened in my Runtime and not FM10!! And btw is FM12 a bit confused with runtime. Why do the bound files want to open in FM10?



Sue Saunders