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    Self-Hosting or using a service?


      Hey all,

      As my school region (3 schools) prepares to use a solution I've created for one school, I need to consider the hosting needs. Currently our database is hosted at one school (mine) and its used on campus. Very few people have access to it remotely.


      Next year, three schools will be using this system. The server guy is worried that 80 users connecting to it remotely would significantly drain its ability to be stable. I'm sure he knows what he's talking about. But I wonder if its necessary.


      He considered using a filemaker hosting service, as I'm sure many of you know about and maybe provide. What are the advantages of it?

      My biggest wonders are:

      1. Is it a pain to pull it offline to fill in some global fields (once every 12 weeks)?
      2. Will teachers need the 'log in remotely' ability? Right now I have a launcher file on each desktop. I assume I'd need to redirect the open file step to that remote location.
      3. Will I have access to FM Go capabilities


      We do have Fm12 (i'm rebuilding the database to be used on that), and FMSA12. Is it necessary, for three schools, about 80 users, to need a hosting service, or should I continue to host it myself?



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          1. Don't pull your DB offline to fill in global fields. I wouldn't rely on that functionality.

          In your auto open script set the global fields to the values you want. You can store the persistent values in a 1 record Prefs table if you like...or just set them in the script. That way everyone gets the correct values and you never have to take the database offline.


          2. Yes...you don't need a launcher file. Just have them log in using the "Recently" used files menu item in FileMaker. If you need more than that...



          3. Yes.


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            • Will it be 80 users al together or simultanous?
            • Will you give them access via each their FileMaker client or via IWP/CWP?
            • Server OS and Server hardware?
            • How are you handling backup?
            • Network at your school - speed?


            But 80 users should not be a problem with FileMaker. Depending on the quality and size of your solution you can have houndreds of users connected at once on FileMaker Server Advanced.


            Please give some input to the questions and I am sure that you will get some good suggestions.