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Problem launching Filemaker 12 Pro file on OSX Lion Startup

Question asked by mweeks24 on Apr 25, 2012
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We recently upgraded all of our systems (total of 5 systems, with one being the "host" machine for our Filemaker hosted database) to Filemaker 12 Pro, from Filemaker 11 Pro.


Everything has been converted over with no error messages - and everything works, with the exception of one item:


On the hosted machine ile when using Filemaker 11 Pro, we setup the OSX environment to launch the hosted file at each system restartstart-up (in the event of a power outage, etc.). The hosted file would then launch (without requiring a password, as no password was necessary for the host account) and make all of the hosted file(s) available for us to connect to (taken care of via a script on startup). However, using the Filemaker 12 Pro version (with the OSX setup in the same way to launch the new 12 Pro file), the system will show the Filemaker splash screen, then disappear, with the Filemaker App Icon bouncing in the dock. If we click on the bouncing icon, everything launches a works correctly. This isn't desirable, as we would like this process to be unattended.


Any ideas or something would need to addcheck on in the startup script to make this work correctly for the new version (maybe something in the scripting tools changed)? Please note that if we launch the file directly (such as after closing Filemaker and re-opening it), everything works as it should without any problems. Thoughts?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.