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    Shared guides don't always appear in other windows


      I think I just found a bug with guides shared with all layouts in a file. I was working on a layout in one window, then opened another layout in another window to set guides to use in the first layout I was working on. The guides set-up in the second window were not available to the layout in the first window, despite the "Share Guide with All Layouts" option being on. If I went to another layout in the second window or opened a third window, the shared guides were available in those windows. Has anyone else encountered this?

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          Stephen Huston

          I can confirm this experience, working from my first window with a 2nd open -- new guides, set to share, don't appear on another window from same file, even when the layout where the guides were created is saved. Changing layouts in the other window does not propagate the shared guides either.


          Going back to the window where the guides were set does show them on the other layouts. It's just the other open window(s) that fail(s) to pick them up while still open in layout mode.

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            On my MFP11 to FMP12 converted files, the guides are not persistent when locked. Closing and re-opening the file will make them disappear.

            When I do this on a brandnew FMP12 file the guides are persistent, so it seems to be caused by something that is picked up during the conversion.


            Changing a theme on a layout does not resolve it.

            Has anyone seen similar behaviour?

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              I actually encountered this in a brand new FM12 file (not a conversion)... When I opened a second window the layout was missing the guides... When I when to the original layout and returned the guides came back... Looks like a small bug that needs to be tweaked.

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                Thanks, that is slightly re-assuring although I could not reproduce it myself in new files. I hope it is just a bug and can be fixed in a future update, as these guides are a really useful new feature, especially since the Shift & drag feature not longer drags along horizonal or vertical lines.


                If I have missed a new key-combination in FMP12 that still does allow horizontal or vertical drags, I would love to hear it.

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                  Solved this puzzle, and for the record, this is how to fix it:


                  Apparently, both the default grid settings and the guides will only fix when your close the file locally.
                  I always work on my files while hosted on a local instance of FMServer (much safer for your files !), but when I opened one locally to change some permanent globals and uploaded it back to the server, I noticed both the grid and guide settings were now the way they were when I closed that single file.


                  I would say not the expected behaviour and will file this request at FMI.