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Specifications - FM 12 2-server deployment

Question asked by mwynn on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2012 by mwynn

Hello, all -


I want to deploy FM Server 12 Advanced over two separate servers: one for the database server, and one for all the web components (Web Publishing Engine, web server, and Web Server Module). I have the recommended server specs for the database server, but I know that the web server does not need to be as powerful. It's primarily a single IWP application with no more than 20 users connected at once; that may change eventually, but I don't foresee continual heavy traffic at any point. Can anyone point me to the recommended specs for a web server using this setup?


Budget is an issue here; I don't want to buy just the bare minimum and then outgrow it, but if the web server can be less expensive than the full db server that would increase our chances of getting the purchase approved.


Thanks for your help!