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    Signing Documents Electronically


      I am working on a project that involves the production and transfer of signed documents from within Filemaker Pro (not FM GO).


      I need to provide a means for electronically signing the documents prior to submission as a PDF.


      I am looking for a way to allow the insertion of a (facsimile or real) signature that is validated by an individual code. The code would NOT appear on the document but the signature would with some sort of wording that indicates the owner was verified and give some sort of validation code that could be traced back to the source if needed.


      I know there is an e-sign solution from PCI that involves capturing a biometric signature and this signature can be "dropped" onto the document. However, without generating a new signature each time, there is no way to bind it to the document. Also, I don't know if there is a way to prevent the signature from being used without an appropriate password being provided.


      Option 1: Does anyone have or know of a method of e-signing documents generated from FMPRO that can bind a document?


      Option 2: Does anyone have or know of a method of using the PCI E-sign solution (or equivalent) but which requires an individual passcode to apply the signature there by validating that the owner did it?


      Option 3: Other than capturing a biometric signature each time, any other appropriate method is acceptable - PLEASE propose.


      Please feel free to contact me OFF LINE if you prefer.




      Nate Alterman


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          Can you explain more on what you want from "Binding"?


          What is your protection profile for your signature solution?


          Could you just match keys and then allow the signature? Is logging in good enough to identify the user?

          In other words, could a user login and then sign with iPad? You predetermin who must sign and then you match their login credentials (what they know) to the predetermined person. They would need to do this for every document/record they need to sign.

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            Hi Zorba:  In simple terms, "binding" means coming up with something like a numeric signature for the data in the document and combining that in some form with a numeric signature for the signature and combining them somehow so that if the process is repeated, you always get the same value.  If the value is ever different, then you know the document was modified.


            As far as how it is signed, logging in and then using a "pin" to sign the document would work just fine.


            This process is both about attesting to the truth of the document as well as being able to prove it is not modified.


            I hope this answers your question.

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              Check out what the guys at Docusign are doing.  It's not FM, but should give you a better idea what you need to do.

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                Filemaker has no built-in method to generate a digitally signed PDF (or other type of) document. That means you'll need to use either a plugin or a system-level script to accomplish the task.


                natealterman wrote:


                I know there is an e-sign solution from PCI that involves capturing a biometric signature


                A link would be useful - at least to know what kind of security you are aiming at. See also:


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                  I should add that this problem could be broken into two, where the first part would be verifying that the signatory is who they say they are. This part could definitely be performed within Filemaker, by forcing the user to relogin. However, it raises the question of storing the users' digital signature credentials in your solution - something I would be extremely averse to.