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    FMP 12 Advanced - Container Field bug


      I have a layout with a container field and a portal, when ever I scroll on the portal the "empty" container field changes to show the background from the layout.


      I have included "before" and "after" screen shots to demonstrate what is happening.


      It appears to be related to the new "In Focus" option in FMP 12, as the same thing happens in Layout Mode when I select this option. Interestingly, it doesn't happen in browse mode if the container field is populated with data i.e. a picture in this case.


      Any help would be much appreciated.





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          Interesting. I can see what you mean when I checked a solution I recently converted to 12.


          I did quickly set the fill color to match the proper color and that solved the problem.


          Hope this works for you,



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            Hi Tim,


            Thanks for your response.


            This would be Ok, however I need the Field background to be transparent, so that the "No Image" icon is displayed if there is no data in the container field.  I could add the "No Image" image to each new record as a "default" value, but that seems inelegant and somewhat wasteful in terms of storage.


            If you have any other suggestions I'd be happy to try them, but this ones got me stumped for now.



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              Hi Matt,


              Is this solution a converted one or built in 12?


              How about inserting the "No Image" Icon as container field background?


              I might have nothing to do with it, but you have a tab control on your layout. In 12, it reacts a bit differently. If you drag the tab control under on object and make sure the object is on front, the object will not be part of the tab control.


              When you say the container background is transparent, does it mean it has no color (fill = none ) or it has a color with a 0% opacity?


              In layout mode, when select the "in Focus" option how is it set up?

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                Sorry I didn't read your first post right. If the same thing happens when you select in focus in layout mode, that means that the container field background is setup to take this color when you're in focus. Scrolling in a portal doesn't take the focus away.


                What you need to do is to change the "in focus" color to transparent and everything should be fine. If you want the container field to be different when in focus you can always change the border color.

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                  Thanks Thomas.


                  Yes it is a converted file (from FMP 11 Adv).  I have set the "In Focus" background to transparent and just about everything else as well, I have even tried deleteing the field and replacing it with a new one, but still no joy!


                  Thanks for your reply.





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                    Okay, after some testing, with a new file and a converted file, here's what I can say. The convertion has nothing to do with it. It seems to affect only the "classic theme". It acts exactly the same on converted and new FM 12 files.


                    First thing you can do that will fix part of your problem is, in the layout setup, uncheck "Show field frames when record is active". At least it won't activate the "in focus" while scrolling.


                    And If you add the "insert picture" logo as container field background picture instead of putting it behind the field, it shouldn't show the layout background even if you click in the container field.

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                      Hi Thomas,


                      Thanks for your help.


                      Switching off the "Show field frames when record is active" checkbox actually cured the problem.  I didn't realise that I could add the image as a background to the container field, so that was a good tip too.


                      Thanks again