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    Web Publishing Engine


      I`m running Filemaker Server 10 on a Mac OS Server(10.5.8). There is a maximum number of web publishing sessions fixed to 100. Is it possible to extend this number? The database close down very often, an I have to open it manually. I think its because of to much traffic, but I`m not sure.

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          No, that's a hard limit.  FMS12 however has 200 of them.


          Info on why your databases close should be in the event.log.  I would urge you to look at that closely because databases closing on the server is a sign of big trouble... I doubt it has to do with the # of web users.

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            Thank you for the answer. Seems that I have to upgrade to FMS12, because the event.log tells that the limit(100) is reached.

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              Mike Duncan

              This can often be a sign of a slow response to a request... are there any pages which load extremely slow? Could be the result of searching on an un-indexed field, or a related field... or sorting a large result set.


              The 100 connection limit is actually a lot more than other servers, but you also might look at fast hard drive for the server or adding more RAM for faster response if the load warrants it.




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                In addition to the previous comment, see if the database file is set to automatically sort records upon opening and make a change if it is. This will cause some issues with large amounts of data with as many users changing tables.