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Win 7 clients are dropping connection to server 11

Question asked by timwhisenant on Apr 26, 2012
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Has anyone else noticed something like this lately? I have a low use database 4 - 10 concurrent users, hosted over our Lan by Filemaker Server 11 which daily for the last week or two has been reporting the client connection dropped 1 -4 clients.


Here are the specs: Filemaker Server 11 v.3 / windows 2008 R2 Server 64bit OS w/all updates and patches applied, 8 GB Ram, Healthy cache hits 99 - 100%, Dedicated FM only no other served programs, DB engine only, no web engine running.

Clients are XP Pro 32bit and Win 7 Pro 64bit all running FMP 11.0v3 and FMPA 11.0v3 w/ all updates and patches applied. The Win7 pro 64bit are the only clients experiencing this problem. The problem is scattered among these systems (8) all are Dell systems purchased 1 - 1½yrs ago each has 4 - 6 GB ram and have had no other problems with network resources. Network connects over two switches and the problem exists regardless of the switch the connected thru. No task by the user is required for this to occur.


My observations are these: 1. Problem seems to be isolated to win7 clients, but network hardware, switch / fiber optic(from bldg to bldg) / etc, does not seem to matter. 2. No pattern other than in 1 seems to exist, sometimes the user will be actively working in the database, other times not, client can drop twice back-to-back, then not drop again for at least weeks(as long as I have noticed this). 3. No network updates/ modifications have occurred recently to bring a new behavior 4. I do not believe FM Server is behaving badly, rather the client network behavior seems to have changed, possibly a client OS update.


Based on observation #4, is anyone aware of Win 7 Pro -64Bit updates that might affect how that client might time-out, or drop network connections to FM Server?


Thanks in advance for any ideas to help remedy this?