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    Identifying remote files opened locally?


      I use an opener file to open a Kiosk mode remote file on a wifi connected computer. Periodically the wifi drops and looses connection and droping the connection between the host and guest. I would like to set up the opener file to periodically look for the remote file and if found do nothing, but if not found to perform the open remote script. Is there a Get function that could be called to identify a remote file that is opened or not on a guest machine? And what is the format?

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          Paul may be open for business,


          I think you can just use the Open DB command and trap for an error (error capture must be on). So on Error the DB isn't open, don't attempt to do anything with the related file or you'll get the lost communication with host dialog. Just try the Open DB command again later. A Timed Script trigger attached to the opener files layout should work as the timer.


          If its not open, but is available, then it will open. If it was open, went off-line, and is now available again, then it will open.


          Note, if data from the related file is displayed on the current layout anything you do could bring up the "Lost Communication with Host" dialog. I suggest switching to a blank layout in the Opener file that is connected to a local table before doing anything else in the Keep Alive script.


          You'll have to try this out with a file your can take off-line for testing.

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            Stephen Huston

            You could also test for a specific open window if that will tell you what you want.

            • some variation of: PatternCount ( WindowNames ( FileToTest ) ; WindowNameToTest ) ≥ 1