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    two table occurence issue


      I have a table called client info. All the clients are divided into two groups by a group variable. The client info table is linked to the summary table. I created two more table occurances for client info for each of the two groups and linked them to the summary table in the relationship graphs by a composite-key. There is one common layout for the client info table. While the composite key is correct on the client info layout, I got the same composite key on the summary page for the two subgroups of the client info. What is wrong? Thank you for your insight.

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          Stephen Huston

          Can you give us a bit more on the structure of the relationship(s) between the TOs.


          It's not clear if you want a couple of constants for relating every record to each possible group. What is the the practical effect you are after?

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            The two TOs are just the two group of one client info table. For example, one group is for the right kidney and the other group is for the left kidney. I wanted to allow the data entry for the right kidney seperated from the data entry for the left kidney for each patient while the right kidney and the left kidney share the same client info form with the side of the kidney marked. I created one button for the right and one button for the left with script to direct it to enter a new record for the client info. Thanks for your reply.

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              just to clarify what should be in place



              Clients table

              client_id primary key


              Kidney table:

              kidney-id PK

              client_id  FK

              kidney_type_code  [right, left]



              a new client script creates 2 records in the kidney table ( right, left)