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Link Multiple records in same table

Question asked by MattLeach on Apr 26, 2012
Latest reply on May 15, 2012 by MattLeach

Im on the last leg of a project and i've seem to hit a road block.


What i am trying to accomplish to a way to link multiple client records to share financial information. The database is a booking system for pilates and is laid out as follows:


Clients table - contains all clients

Financials table - tracks payments


When a payment is made, they are paying for x-amount of visits. Every time an appointment is made and the client shows up the the appointment, the appointment is applied to the payment and the remaining visits is subtracted by 1.


What i need to do is have the ability to link multiple client records together so that they can all share a financial record.


For example:

Lets say we have the Smith family: Mom, Dad and child.


The father's record is the main record and that is where all payments are made. I need to be able to apply the mother and child's visits to the father's payments.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.