Calling all Canberra region FileMaker developers - FMPUG Canberra, Australia

Discussion created by user5531 on Apr 26, 2012

Hi Everyone


After over 15 years using FileMaker in many ways, I figured it was about time for Canberra, Australia to have it's own FMPUG (though I prefer Mastiffs myself!)


Here is the FMPUG (FileMaker Pro User Group) website so you can read about what the overall aim is:



FMPUG is in the process of setting up a chapter blog, so when it's running I'll post a link here and can update you all.


Initially, I would like to get expressions of interest for local developers or business people interested in FMP, so please respond here and I'll keep you in the loop.


The plan is to have meetings at least quarterly.


The focus of each meeting will be around a guest speaker presenting a particular technique/technology, with opportunity for Q&A. The guest speakers will either be sourced from the membership, FMI or from commercial FBA developers.


So what do you think?


Please respond below with comments or suggestions and I'll get the ball rolling.


ciao 4 now