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    FM12 Save as pdf problem


      I have some issues on FM 12 when using the save as pdf option. I have some fields on the layout with a 1pt black border on the left and right side but not on top and bottom. When I open the pdf using adobe reader (on mac and PC) I have grey lines where I should have no border.



      Filemaker 11Filemaker 12



      If I open the pdf on mac with the "Preview" application, it works fine, but as I have a lot of users on PC using adobe reader, this is not acceptable.


      The same happens with other objects, like rectangles, if you remove the border from one side, when you save as pdf, you have a light grey line that appears.


      Any ideas how to fix this?

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          Stephen Huston

          This has the same basic cause as the problem in your other thread on preview issues.

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            I'm afraid not. This problem occurs also on brand new FM12 files and has nothing to do with convertion or themes. The light grey lines only appear in the pdf when opened with adobe reader. In Preview mode it looks normal

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              Stephen Huston

              I see that your Preview issue got resolved differently.


              In that it's a platform-specific issue in this case, I wonder about the postrcript code being used behind the scenes in FMP to generate PDFs, if it's different for the two platforms...


              As a test, do you also have this diference if you generate the PDF using a non-FM PDF-printer-driver (printing to PDF via the print dialog) to create the Windows version of a PDF? If we can pin this down to a difference caused by the FM-based postscript, that should identify a bug for FMI, one hopes.

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                I also thought it was platform specific, so I tried on mac using the print dialog -> open in preview, and then from preview I saved it at pdf. If I then open the pdf in preview it looks fine, but if I open it in Adobe reader (on mac or pc, doesn't matter) the lines are still there...


                Then I thought maybe that the new version of adobe reader was to blame. So I tried to generate the pdf from FM11 (same layout with a field with left and right borders activated), but everything looks fine.


                I posted a bug report on the filemaker forums. hopefully they'll have a solution...

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                  Well, good news is, they seem to be aware of the situation and working on it... Hope this will get fixed soon

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                    I am getting terrible resolution problems when printing to pdf from FMP. Fuzzy text and graphics, etc. Oddly, this happens regardless of whether I save as a PDF in FMP12 or whether I print to pdf using Adobe Acrobat. Printing sometimes takes so long that it times out before it ever comes up in the queue.


                    And, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I can't get it to print to a Dymo label printer. I have been including the ability to print to labelwriter printers, almost since the product was released, and I have never had a problem with this until now. FMP won't let me make a layout without adding a 1/4" border to the top and right margines. It won't let me remove the margins (they show up in Preview mode, but not layout or browse mode) and resizing the label won't help.Changing printer drivers, changing the default printer, you name it, I've tried it and it simply doesn't work. The best I have been able to do is export the mailing addresses for the found set, then import them into another app to print them. I can run the same solution, before it was converted to fmp12 format, in FMP11 on the same Dymo printer without a problem.

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                      Same thing here with the borders!

                      PDF export or save as PDF in print dialog gives the same terrible result.

                      Also FMPro Client 12v2 and advanced 12v2 does it wrong.

                      tested FM 11 again without any problems...

                      Anybody found a solution yet, otherwise i'm forced to create lines in all the printlayouts :-(