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Embossed/Engraved field styles

Question asked by anothersmurf on Apr 27, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by miserez

In FileMaker 9, I made frequent use of Embossed and Engraved field styles on layouts. I would like to continue doing so in FMP12, but boy it sure ain't easy...


When I click on a field, and go to Inspector/Appearance, there are no options for Embossed/Engraved unless I'm working with a converted database and the particular field I clicked on was already Embossed/Engraved before I converted it, in which case only that option (not both) appears as a "Line" option. So I have to find such a field and duplicate it to make more, or use the copy/paste style feature.


And it gets worse: FMP12 doesn't seem to get the colours right when embossing/engraving fields. In FMP9, the line colour would automatically be appropriate to the field's colour. ie if the field was white, the highlight colour of the lines would be grey; if the field was green, it would be a different shade of green. All automatic. In FMP12, the highlight colour seems to be unalterably fixed. So if I change the colour of a field, the embossing/engraving doesn't look good. I have to literally go back to 9, create a sample field in the desired colour, apply engraving/embossing, convert the DB, and copy/paste the field's style.


Someone please tell me there's an easier way to emboss/engrave in FMP12 than this!