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Is *other* a reserved word in FMP12?

Question asked by MicheleOlson on Apr 27, 2012
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I am testing scripts in FMP12. Some were written in FMP11. [Mac OS X 7.3]


One script add a portal record, depending upon the parameter attached to the button.


There are 3 portals on the screen [materials, labor, other].


Each parameter is the same as the portal named above.


The script works fine for materials and labor, but fails on other.


When looking at the parameter, I find the word other is listed as Other --- not in quotes as is the usual case.


I've checked functions and custom functions and don't find anything named *Other*.


If I change the word to other [still not entering quotes], and close the set button dialog, the word reverts to Other, without quotes.


I can enter the word within quotes, but normally FM will add the quotes in the parameter box.


Ideas ... or is this a reserved word?