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    Slow printing with FM 12




      I recently upgraded from FMP 10 to FMP 12 and am experiencing painfully slow print times (1 minute, sometimes more, per page) with the newer software.


      I am running a Mac Pro 2010 2.8 quad (with 6GB of memory) and OSX 10.7.2 and I have just updated my Mac HP drivers to the latest version (v2.9) to little effect.


      My trusty HP 2200 laserjet reported 'memory full' after a couple of pages and my question is, does this mean I need more printer memory or is this related to the latest FM update. As stated, this didn't occur running FM 10? Are there any other print drivers that might help - I'd rather not buy a new printer....


      Any help would be really appreciated.


      Thanks in advance



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          I would suggest reporting this to FMI as a bug, then wait for the inevitable first update patch and hope it addresses the problem.  Unless you are doing extremely complex pages, you should not need extra memory for your laser printer.

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            Thanks, Lee


            I'll report as suggested and wait for an update.

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              Posted today:


              Apple released HP Printer Drivers v.2.9 OS X and Samsung Printer Drivers v2.4 for OS X to update printing and scanning software for both Lion and Snow Leopard. As usual, the release notes do not give any information on which HP or Samsung devices have received updates, but the update should only appear in the Software Update preference pane if you have an affected device installed on your Mac. The complete HP download is over 520 MB (Samsung 29 MB); the download from Software Update is usually much less, depending on the devices you have installed.





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                Printing in FM12 is slower and more taxing of CPU resources.


                Whenever I run a print job in FM12, the fans go on and more CPU is used in FM12 than in FM11.  Realize that the new CSS format for layouts and the fact that each object can have four different states that need to be calculated prior to printing means that it takes a lot more work for FM12 to print than it took FM11 to print.


                Hopefully, this can eventually be improved upon in the future.  After all, Web Browsers do printing with similar CSS formats very quickly.  And Filemaker, Inc. has access to the source code to Safari Webkit.


                It is disappointing that so much CPU time is spent when FM12 is trying to print.  My Quad core i7 MacBook Pro with 16 Gigs RAM, 480 GB SATA sounds like a jet when FM12 is printing simple layouts.

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                  Printing in Windows is also extremely slow -- like just about everything else in ver 12. My clients are finding not just one, but quite a few features which are so slow as to be deal breakers.


                  I'm not as optimistic as many are about FMI's ability ot inclination to fix everything. Ver 10 was sluggish in spite of its updates. Ver 11 was better, but still not as fast as what they were used to with ver 9. I think the overhead is coming from the way they are doing graphics, and the fact that FMP seems to tie a significant number of opertations (including internal stuff) to screen redraws and I think it is more important to Apple (and therefore FMI) that FMP be programmed the same way iPads and iPods (which were designed for much SIMPLER apps). Doing this has finally removed the annoyingly slow screen redraws in FMP for Windows -- but at a price that nobody wants to pay. "A few nices themes that are cumbersome to customize! Gee, that's worth slowing down virtually everything I need to do with my data!" Nobody in the real (business) world is saying that.

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                    I also have to say that the quality of pdf files printed from within FMP 12 has drastically declined. Comparing the same document printed from the same solution before and after being converted to fmp12 formatm the FMP 12 version makes my hi-res color laser printer output look like a 20 year old inkjet document printed on super absorbant paper towels. The text is fuzzy all around the edges. The bitmapped graphic logo has multicolored artifacts.

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                      Just to add to that observation, I agree that the PDF's generated by version 12 don't match up in quality to previous versions. I have found that the fonts themselves are often badly reproduced - 'g' s and 't' s are chopped off, but look fine in the original file. Although, slightly off the thread, has anyone else found this a problem?

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                        Stephen Huston

                        Also see another thread on this forum,

                        [Re: Print to PDF yielding terrible fax quality print but Save as PDF works  | 80462#80462]  **

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                          If this helps, I am getting the same poor quality, whether I use the FMP command to save as PDF or whether I "print" to the standard version of Adobe Acrobat. No such problems with other apps before or after installing FMP12 ...

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                            I am also getting slow printing since converting to FM 12v3.  Running Windows 7, XP, and Mac and printing to HP printers from the 1200 to 2050 series. Also, filemaker crashes after a few hundred jobs are sent to the printer.


                            Hope they fix this soon.