Recording videos in FM Go 12 is pointless!

Discussion created by Evopac on Apr 27, 2012
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Hi everyone,


This is regarding the new feature in FileMaker Go 12, where you can record videos into container field for your FM database.


First I'll admit the title is just to catch your attention. Recording videos from FM GO is not pointless, but close to being pointless due to simply the amount of space it eats up which in turn makes your database super bloated if you are using the FM database to do much video capturing. However, I believe this can be solved easily by a patch.


I have done significant testing on my own, and I encourage everyone to do your own testing. What did I find and how I hope this can be solved in future versions, I will write below:


My Testing

If you record a video in FM Go's container field (tap on camera, and switch to video mode and record). You will notice that a mere 10 second video actually uses 10MB of space. To check how large your video recording was, just close the database and the file size is right below your database name. I have tested with a minute long video and my database size quickly shot up to close to 100MB.


On the other hand, outside of FileMaker Go, I launched the camera app, and recorded a video there. I launched my FileMaker Go, and instead of capturing a video directly from FM Go, I imported the video from my camera roll. According to my database, a same 10 second video takes up only just 2MB of space.


That is an awesome 5 times saving of space.


Difference with FM Go direct capture, and Importing from Camera Roll

The main difference between these two methods is just simply one step that FM Go misses out when you capture it direct into your FM database. If you import it from your camera roll, FM Go actually compresses the video for you before it imports it into you FM database. When you video record directly from FM Go, somehow FM Go skips the compression step, but just directly imports the video from camera.


Apparently, the absence this crucial step results in a video size 5 times larger than what it could be.



Implications will mean for the same amount of space, I can capture and store 5 times more video content, but only if I capture it from camera and import it into FileMaker.


For solutions that uses iPad to capture videos, the database on the iPad could very easily blow to huge proportions in size if done through a direct capture from FM Go, which is a new feature in FM Go 12.



I need more people to test my findings here, and confirm it to be true.


We can all submit this as a feedback to FileMaker, so that in their next update for FileMaker Go, to do a compression before importing when you recording from FM Go.


Thanks all for reading!