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    Can't Log into Console Again


      This happens about once every month or so. Neither the FM Server event logs nor the Windows event logs ever show anything interesting.


      But at least this time I get a diagnostic with two tabs, "Launch File" and "Exception" (please see the attached files), when I tried to run the console.


      The Exception tab indicates that there is some sort of Java problem. Reinstalling Java solved the same problem for someone else who posted to this forum, so I tried it. It did not work in my case.


      Can anyone tell from the attachments what I should do (other than reinstall FM Server, which I've done a dozen times over the past year)?


      I'm running FMS 11, latest updates, on Windows Server 2008 and IIS.





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          This wouldn't be a java error.  When you launch the admin console you are talking to the Tomcat webs server built into FMS (runs on port 16000).  The exceptions shows error 403 which is the web server saying: I'm here and I'm listening but I'm not allowed to give you the file  you are looking for (the jar file).  So it's a permissions error.


          The fact that this happens every month is a good clue: what is running on your machine about every month that results in this?  Automatic updates?  Anything else on the machine (is the machine dedicated?)


          Any disk ecnryption or AV running with on-demand scanning?  Indexing?   (basically anything that can put a OS-level readl block on the file).


          Are you using "localhost" in the url?  Try the IP address or DNS name of the machine, even if you are on the machine itself.