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    Web Viewer - Go - YouTube


      I am having problems trying to get a YouTube video to show in a web viewer in FileMaker Go 12 om an iPhone.

      I don't want to have the YouTube wrapper showing around the video, just the video itself. Is there a way to do this?

      I have a list of records being displayed in list view. When I click on one of the items I want to be taken to a layout that will show just the video and then when done, take me back.

      Not sure how to do this. I found something on the net, but I still get the wrapper and I can't get it to display properly.

      I have a nice solution on the iPad, but the limited real estate on the iPhone has me wondering how to implemment this.

      Any ideas? A sample file would be great.

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          Hi Stewart,

          If you go to the video on youtube site directly, under the video, click "Share", a URL link appears, which you can use to embed this video to your website. Similarly, you can use this to your webviewer and it should work. I will try this myself when I get back later.


          Also, on a side note, you might want to disable a load of other things when embedding a video, such as the hovering search box, and related videos that flood the video area after the video has ended.


          The way you can do it is here: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/10-youtube-url-tricks-you-should-know-about/

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            If the video uses Flash then it won't work in iOS.

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              On my iPad layout, I use the embed code and merge it with an html wrapper to display the YouTube video within a web viewer.

              "data:text/html," & FirstClassContent::Page Header & FirstClassContent::Embed Code & FirstClassContent::Page Footer


              Just using the embed code will not work.  It has to be a complete html page.


              The problem that I run in to when I try to do the same on an iPhone layout.  I can't get the web viewer to scale properly and it just looks bad.

              With the iPad, I don't take over the whole layout.  On the iPhone, I want it to do so.

              Anyone else have any ideas?

              What I want to do is to have a list view on the iPhone (Similar to what I am shoing on the right of my iPad layout) so that when one touches one of the rows in the list (a button), the corresponding YouTube video will be displayed full screen.  When the video is complete, touching the Done button will reurn the user to the list view.

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                They are not Flash videos.  These are mp4 videos from our YouTube Channel.  I have done them all as mp4

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                  Never mind.  I have resolved the issue.

                  My bad.  Just had to remove the iFrame stuff from the embed URL and everything is working as designed now.