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Applescript Gurus?

Question asked by vcirilli on Apr 28, 2012
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FMPA v12

MAC OSX 10.7.3


I'm using applescript to trigger system events in a background audio application.

EX. To hit a PLAY button, to locate the timeline to specific time codes.


Some events I can trigger in the audio app without bringing it to the front others I have to bring the audio app

frontmost, trigger the key stroke then return to FM.


In this latter scenario when FM returns to the front the mouse icon cursor becomes the spinning beachball or the cloverleaf+period.


FM is not hung at all, and just moving the mouse a bit returns the mouse icon to the typical pointer.


All the functionality is working as expected, I don't like the cursor anomaly as it will confuse the user.


Any AS gurus out there that may have some light to shed?


Thanks in advance.





tell application "System Events"


set appName to the name of the current application // get FM ver


tell process "Pro Tools"

set frontmost to 1

end tell


key code 39 // next boundry key stroke


tell process appName

set frontmost to 1

end tell


end tell