Exporting / Importing FM Data to 3rd Party Software for Image Development

Discussion created by sarthur on Apr 28, 2012
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Hi Everyone,


I am new to File Maker & this community so please be gentle.


I am currently using MS Access for a risk management database and, through some visual basic magic, MS Visio is able to extract the data from this database and create a visual representation of the data. It is great for communication of this information.


The Database is buggy and I only have Windows on my Mac because of the MS Access and Visio tools. I am very confident I can build a much better, functional and reliable databsae in FileMaler but ... I can not find any information on linking the database to a 3rd party package such as Visio through code or someother interface. Is this possible??


Ideally I would like to use a OS X compatable product such as OmniGraffle Pro or ConceptDraw but there is almost zero information available out there on any ability to do this.


Has anyone, done something similar to the MS Access / Visio connection I have describe above with FileMaker?


Thanks in advance for your help and information.