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Issue with FM12

Question asked by garyavischious on Apr 29, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2012 by garyavischious

I am having an issue with FM12. Have a file I created in FM11 Advanced. When switching layouts with a script button the objects in the footer do not appear when I converted it to FM12. Clicking the show or hide toolbar button, to toggle it on then off again, allows it to display. Weird! I've tried to include these steps into the button, even though I shouldn't have to, but it still doesn't display the footer where all the button are to control the program. It works this way in GO as well and pretty much makes my file useless.


Any thoughts on why this is happening and better yet, how to fix it?


Love the new features of what I can add to make it look even more amazing, but not usable if my footer/nav bar is non-functional. It's like it can't even see it. The space is there, but its empty.


Confused and Perplexed