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FMp advanced v12.0v1 - locking up

Question asked by peternew on Apr 30, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2012 by sastickf

I'm a v-e-r-y unhappy camper!


I'm a FileMaker developer with over 20 years experience dating back to ver 1.0..


I've downloaded and installed FMp Advanced ver 12.0v1. The install is stock standard - no additional extensions. I'm running a MacBook pro with MacOS 10.7.3 with 4gb RAM.

The error occurs with the included FileMaker Templates, files I have upgraded from FMpA v11.x, commercial file[s] which claim FMp v12 compatability, and test files I have written from scratch myself.


FileMaker 12 runs for about 30 minutes while I do a variety of things including making new fields, editing and creating layouts and/or simply using a solution...then suddenly many of the menu items are greyed out and cannot be selected. Scripts do not respond and I get a simple 'clicking' sound when trying to access any script either on a layout or in Script Maker. The 'Quit" command is greyed out and nothing I have been able to find will restore basic functionality. The only recourse is to do a Force Quit and restart FileMaker.


As a developer this is becoming extremely frustrating and I'm concerned that the same 'problem' may translate to client solutions.


I've used Goya's Base Elements [the new ver 12 iteration] but cannot see any obvious problem[s].


There doesn't seem to be any discussion on the web so maybe it's just me...but I hope not!


I am aware of, and have corrected, the problem where the ver 12 installer leaves old extensions in the Library - I've removed them but to no avail.


Given the level of FileMaker support in the past I'm not hopeful....but I need to vent my frustration in the hope that somebody may be able to suggest solution or be able to point out where I have erred!