Font/Size issues in FMP 12

Discussion created by MattLeach on Apr 30, 2012
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Just converted to FileMaker 12 this weekend and have come across an issue which i have not seen discussed as of yet.


Our environment consists of the databases being hosted by FileMaker Server Advanced v12 on Win 2k8 Server R2, with all users accessing via FileMaker Pro Advanced v12 on Win 7 Pro.


All fields on our layouts are set to be an Arial Font, Size 12 as seen in the screen shot below:



During the course of the day, we get several emails from our website from people who are interested in our products. The emails contain contact information that we in turn copy and paste into a new record field by field.


In Version 11, when we pasted into these fields, everything came over without an issue in the Arial dont, size 12. Now, with Version 12, this is not the case. It seems that whatever font and size the information in the email is, it is carried over to the FileMaker fields.


For example, my email's defaults are set to Font: Calibri, Size 11. When i copy and paste from my email, the field looks like so:




If i manually type in the field, the font and size are as expected:




Is there any way to force FIleMaker to always use the field's settings no matter if the data is manually entered or copied??


For now we are going to manually enter the data but in turn it's going to take longer to enter information.