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    Tracking Sums Week by Week


      My sales force is running a promotion. During a specific range of dates, leads are counted. Each incoming lead is a separate record in my existing database. Each record is attached to a specific salesperson. I have been able to run reports containing sums, and sort them by a date range; but for this latest promotion, my needs have grown more complex. I now need to be able to do the following:


      1. Sum leads by salesperson for current week, and for previous week, and calculate improvement over previous week.

      2. Store the results of these calculations in a table, or at least display them in a report, where % improvement scores are listed for each salesperson for each week during the life of the promo.


      Dates of the promo can be manually set by the database admin.

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          You could add a field that calculates the WeekofYear for each lead, then do a sub-summary report to pull it together, or add a global fields to store your dates, then pull separate totals using relationships based on the Salesperson and date range.  Or you could do the WeekofYear and then set up globals with the specific weeks to pull totals.


          There are probably a few other ways of getting this but any of these would work.