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Sub-Summary Report does not show correct Total Values

Question asked by TC on Apr 30, 2012
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I have 3 tables:



Filter Requirements Field
RatingOfFilter (Text)
SizeOfFilter (Text)
RatingSize (Calculation appending two previous Fields)
Qty (Niumber)
Total Qty (Summary Calculation - Total of Qty)




Join Table


When I create a list layout using the Filter table , output is correct correctly showing all filter records with the correct month(s).
When I add a Sub-Summary part above with the break field on Months and another Sub-summary part above and below (below for testing) with the break field on RatingSize, the output is correct after I sort on Months and RatingSize
However, when I add the Total Qty field to both the upper and lower sub-summary part with the break field as rating size, I get two different values and neither is correct:
for the above part, I get the value for the first record in the break area
For the below part, I get the value for the last record in the break area


The only time the values are correct is when there is only on filter of X for a specific month.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance