Filemaker Training Series - Why Bother - I feel suckered!

Discussion created by ian.moree on Apr 30, 2012
Latest reply on May 3, 2012 by AllegroDataSolutions

i purchased this a few months ago and i tell you, it was money not well spent, but based on such limited information via

filemaker support, what other options were there.


This Series would have been alot better for learning if it BUilt on previous examples from chapter 1,


THe only thing i use this for is to understand a "SIMPLE" topic such as i need a sub summary report ; how would i do that easily. WEll turn to this chapter, and i see how to do it

fairly easy.


I wish that Filemaker hired soliant or another firm and they did something that made alot more sense and simply charge from Beginner to advanced series and call it a day!


I am not talking about JMO either on VTC or any other site. They all simply suck! tired, long , drawn out useless information.


I mean , the real world is so complicated with how things are put together and all you need is great instructors, then everyone will be breaking down

FILEMAKER's Door to get it!


Guess i am just venting now, Any other ideas?