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Custom Function names go blank; function cannot be edited or deleted

Question asked by dchretien on Apr 30, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by Stephen Huston

Hello All,


There had been a discussion about this in the old TechTalk, but with the change, any responses appear not to be accessible any longer.


In any case, I've had this happen in several files, and it just happened again today.


The names of Custom Functions go blank. Once that happens, the function may not be edited nor deleted.


I've had this happen in the past when I've copied functions from one file and pasted them into another. After using the function, the problem occurs. I'd originally thought the problem was related to the fact that I'd copied and pasted the function, and I've gotten into the habit of importing functions instead of copying and pasting.


Today, however, I created a new Custom Function, from scratch. Tested it using the Data Viewer, and when I was sure that everything was working correctly, I was going to setup a calculation field that used the new function. At that point, I realized that I'd built the function in the wrong file, and that I needed it elsewhere. I was about to import it into the second file, and decided that it might just be better to enter it directly, to avoid any potential problem.


I returned to the original file, opened the list of Custom Functions, and the name of that function (and that function, only) was blank. I cannot open it for editing, it will not import into another file. It's unusable.


Interestingly enough, as with prior cases of this, I cannot create a new function with that name, because the system insists that a Custom Function with that name exists already.


Does anyone know the cause of this problem?


Does anyone know how to fix it?


Most importantly, does anyone know if the "nameless" functions may be recovered for use?


Thanks, in advance, for any help.


--Dennis Chretien