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Changing Field Value based on auto enter calculation

Question asked by singerdf on Apr 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2012 by singerdf

I am befuddled on this one. Here is my scenario: I have three fields: On consignment, Sold, Return Date. All start with On Consignment checked. The item either sells and is marked as sold or is returned and the date put in. When either of this things happens, I would like the On Consignment check box to automatically be unchecked. In essence changing its status from Yes to nothing.


I tried the auto enter with a calculation using if statements and lots of iterations in terms of when and where the data can be changed. At one point it would not let me check the Yes box for On Consignment.


I read in a technical note that this may not work or be possible. Just want to make sure that is the case. I have a script I can trigger with a button that does the job, but it is not as elegant.


Thanks for any insights you might provide,