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    carriage returns in Outlook


      I started this in a different post when I was dealing with emailing from IWP. Send email via IWP.


      I have one remaining issue and then hopefully be done with this issue. it goes like this:


      I cant get Outlook to repect my carraige returns. It puts the entire body into one long blob of text. (there is more to the body than what is shown here)


      Open URL script step

      "mailto:"& "Campaigns::email"


      "?Subject = " & Campaigns_SelectedTemplates::Subject


      "&Bcc=" & Campaigns::g_Contact List_Temp


      "&Body=" & Campaigns_SelectedTemplates::Body

      & ¶ &¶ & "¶" &


      "Your Password:" & Campaigns::password


      i tried all these:


      1. putting <br> instead of Pillcrow

      2. Putting three pillcrows. both by themselves and together, with and without parenthases.

      3. I tried Ascii table conversions.


      Nada. Please help


      Btw, I'm running FM 7.