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    Can't open FileMaker Server Console due to Java


      I'm running FMP Server 11 on a Lion machine and just installed the latest Apple software update for Java. Now I can't open the server console. I went to this (FileMaker) web site and followed the instructions to click the "enable" box directly in the Java app, but it didn't work. Any suggestions?



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          barenose may find the Java is being served old,


          Have you also cleared the Java Caches? Some Computers can't distinguish between versions of the Admin Console and will attempt to open the 'old' console when it should be downloading a new one. Only by deleting the Java cache can you force it to do what it should.

          Open "Java Preferences"

          Network Tab

          Lower left corner the button "Delete Files".


          You may also want to delete the Security settings for the FMS sites under the Security tab.