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First Empty Portal in a series of 48 sorted portals not displaying

Question asked by brittmassei on May 1, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by Stephen Huston

I have 48 portals displayed as containers, 6 across and 8 down, each sorted by container# (field in the portal's table), and each dislaying just one portal:

1 2 3 4 5 6

7 8..... and so on

In my application, typically the first 24 containers are used and the remaining remain blank, and are set to slide up, thereby only displaying the first 24 and it's as though the second 24 don't exist. The file in 11.0 achieved this nicely. Now, in 12.0,


1) all 48 containers show with borders (even those with no data). The portals have borders, but in 11.0 they would slide and be invisible if no related record existed.

2) when my data contains the typical 24, container #25 shows no borders. I checked an instance with 20 containers and the same anomaly occured with container #21.


What I want is that when there is data (a related record exists for the portal row#), that it shows up and there is a border, thus creating adjacent boxes across and down. When no related record exists, I want it to be invisible and to slide. I've attempted to remove the borders from the portals and use one of the fields within the portal. However, when I set the portal and the field to the same size in the same location, the data does not display the correct portal row.


Any thoughts? I've tried everything I can think of including starting with a fresh layout and simplifying the data and the same thing happens.


Message was edited by: brittmassei: I've just created and uploaded a sample file to show this problem. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Message was edited by: brittmassei: Functional sample file in 11.0 shows how it worked before the conversion