Closing a fiscal period

Discussion created by ravgup on May 1, 2012
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I am trying to design a method to close a fiscal period. In this case Monthly. Problem is that I am using accruals for both purchases and invoices. I Could use the time stamp and relationship that views records only for the month in question. Or I could make a yyyy/mmm field (mmm being month in 3 digits all being stored as a text) where the current period will be put in automatically based on current period global. Closing of periods to be handled by a script to be run from a button when all is correct. Closing to be with the use of a lock field as well as a global field (to allow unlocking in emergency). The script will first change the period of the records in current period to next period which should be carried over to next period. so the current found set will constrain,. Then it will copy the accruals in current related tables to new records in next period. Finally it will lock all closed period records and increment the current period global field by one month.


Could anyone advise me if I am on the right track.


The Tables in question are

Invoice Data


Jobs - This is where al the above happens. The Main Layout shows both invoice and Order portals.




I have used FMP12 Invoice starter to begin with added Tables, and separate TO of above five tables to work the period constraints.