Adding Salary Table to Time Card  how to select week to add salary to

Discussion created by ian.moree on May 1, 2012
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Hello Again everyone;


In this Third and hopefully last part of this very simple task, i am trying to add a salary table which was recommended to be added by a member.




In my salary layout, i need to be able to:

  • drop down my current employee list √
  • choose the work week ( cant seem to do this without screwing up current data on Time Table)
    • using drop down lists here dont work, they are messing up - Perhaps i need a lookup field ? i dont think necessary, but ??
  • So after choosing the week, i would like to add the salary,

The real issue to me is i think i need to be adding the calculations for salary on time card entry:


then basically Put the data in the salary table from within the Time card layout? any ideas or am i just thinking too much.


Main issue is where shall i calculate the salary ( which table )?




i want to report on Employee's work week , sorted by month / year

as well as Salary / deductions, holiday pay / overtime ,etc on 1 report