A Revoir Bonjour?

Discussion created by AllegroDataSolutions on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 4, 2012 by wimdecorte

Do we really need Bonjour? I know FMP12 says it's required if you try to install it before you have installed Bonjour, but is it really necessary? Can't FMI figure out some other way of doing what it does without Bonjour (as it did in previous versions of FMP)?


The reason I ask, is that I think this may account, at least in part, for the sluggish performance problems that so many users are experiencing, especially in Windows. I learned, the hard way, over the years, that installing Bonjour on a pc can suck the life out of its performance. It was the same story with iTunes. Although I run both on my Mac, just so that I can debug solutions in the same environment that my Mac clients are likely to use, this is a terrible burden to impose on Windows users. Unless their system is so fast as to mask the performance hit, in my experience Bonjour, as well as iTunes, are resource hogs.


The more I try to work with FMP12, the more it seems to me that FMI got its fundamental priorities backwards. The heaviest database users want their solutions to be able to find and manipulate large amounts of data FAST. That's priority 1 through 99. The rest can be done in a publishing program, graphics program, word processor, or spreadsheet, if formatted output is desired. Trying to turn FMP into a one-stop app isn't going to work unless it's as least fast as using multiple apps together. The current version may help sell iPods and iPads, but at the expense of losing FMP customers. It's becoming increasingly clear that it is going to be very difficult for my clients to get any serious work done with this product. If my clients wanted something like this they would have bought Bento.