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Interactive Container doesn't load from FM Server

Question asked by hrjacobi on May 2, 2012

After converting our system from 11 to 12 and letting it run on Filemaker Server 12 everything works fine.

Now I want to use the new function interactive container. I've created a testing table with a container field and checked the interactive contents for the container field in the layout. After inserting a PDF the PDF doesn't show/load. It doesn't mater if the PDF is stored in the Filemaker file or stored on the FM server (the new function).


So I created a new local test file without storing it on the server. After inserting a PDF it shows up within the field like it's meant to be. After this I've uploaded this file to the server. The same thing happened again as described before. The PDF doesn't load/show up. The strange thing is that when I select the file and check out the interactive contents the first page of the PDF show but without the extra interactive possibilities.


My first thought was that I misted a setting in the server but I can't find it. Can someone help me? Thank you!