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    WebViewer Fuzzy Printing




      Anyone knows why on FM11 print perfect but on FM12 the WebViewer contents print fuzzy?


      Thanks in advanced

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          Stephen Huston

          No, we don't appear to know this yet. 


          There have been multiple reports of both prints and PDFs have poorer quality when printed from 12 than they did with 11. So far, all of these issues appear to be triggered when using the OS-level installed printer drivers rather than the PDF features scripted in FM12.


          Check your printer drivers for any possible updates, but also report this to FMI. I am suspicious that the print spool from FM12 is different from that generated by FM11. Some of the reports also indicate printing to the same printer is much slower in 12 as well.


          Also keep in mind that web viewers are generally displaying only at screen resolution, which is below good print quality in most cases. However, that will not explain why it prints worse in 12.


          You are not alone.

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            Having this same problem with the webviewer. Prints or PDF's created from a layout with a web viewer show the webviewer part as fuzzy.


            Also PDF images embedded in layout print fuzzy as well.

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              Stephen Huston

              The webveiwer areas, being browser similation, produce only screen-resolution content, including images AND Text, so print quality from webviewers is a known issue.


              What is the resolution of your PDF before embedding in the layout? Some  PDFs which are optimized for web viewing, or those which include web images, are simply too low-rez to print sharp whether or not in FileMaker.

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                I don't know the resolution of the PDF on the layout. It was put there long before my time. We didn't have any complaints until we switched to FM12.

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                  Stephen Huston

                  Yes, FM12 created some new issues, including fuzzier webviewer rendering and thumbnail rendering resolution issues for print.


                  One possible workaround is to create a print layout for this, on which everything is 300–400% of the needed size, then set it to print at 33% or 25% so the output is available at larger resolution and reduced in the print process. (Admittedly, this might not be possible with some webviewer objects, depending on the source of the viewer's content.)

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                    This is an old thread, but it's still partially unsolved. I tried exporting the Webviewer contents to PDF using the Export to PDF... scriptstep, and here is what I found:


                    1. In FMP13, webviewer content is exported sharp and crisp in the OSX version of FMP13, but it is fuzzy (=unusable) in the Windows version.

                    2. Both versions of FMP13 appear to use the same Adobe 10.1 PDF library, so what causes this fuzziness is a mystery to me...



                    Hans Erik